[Vwdiesel] Blow-by * Additives and Flus

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Jun 30 13:23:09 EDT 2004

Ludovic Fremaux wrote:
> I am waiting for a compression tester to arrive next week. I will then
> measure compression on the cylinders and while the injectors are out I
> will try your recipe.
> I removed and cleaned the valve cover last week, it was not clogged.
> Neither was the "Y shape" pipe going from the cover to the intake
> manifold. I took out the intake manifold as well (being the original
> Vanagon 175k mi I thought it could be the problem). There was a small
> amount of tar into the 2 conducts but nothing that would restrain the
> flow of blow-by. Cleaning the manifold didn't make much difference.
> I could not find any breather on the block. Where is it supposed to be
> located?

Usually right next the the oil filter flange:
(1.9D block/breather pictured)

Normally on the 1.6 blocks, the vacuum pump exhaust line is plumbed into
it.  I had trouble on mine with intermittent blowby over-pressuring the
pump and blowing out the plastic check valves randomly.  Adding a tee
fitting and running a line to the VC breather line cured that.


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