[Vwdiesel] The Miser's Coolant Circularity Connundrum Conclusion

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 17:10:50 EDT 2004

Quantums eye view...
At startup coolant travels round engine block;
being pushed in at lower block and coming out at
end of block Flow goes into demister and back to
pump There is also a by pass from back of head
straight back to pump and back in to engine..
Gassers also have an outlet into inlet manifold
for preheating /cooling of fuel vapour; and back
to pump
Only when engine is up to temp does thermostat
fully open (there may be a trickle charge through
until then). At this point hot coolant can come
out of the side outlet in the head and goes into
the top of the radiator.
Convection is minimal as the coolant is being
forced through radiator and out of the bottom
cooled by fan/air flow. This 'cool' coolant is
sucked out of the bottom of the rad and pushed
back into the block and the process is repeated.
According to my haynes the mk2 Rabbit does not
have the demister bypass which is why the heat is
deflected by flaps only; and an inline valve such
as what I have on the Q should not be used; else
engine circulation on initial heatup will not
happen and warp may factor {beam me up Scotty} :o)
An intellectual guess is that a safety factor
built in where if coolant level should drop below
required levels then because the pump is pushing
coolant up through the engine the fluid would
cascade out of these ports and then back to the
lower levels (pretty good eh?) Must get some
transparent pipes !!

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