[Vwdiesel] 120000 mile service on my Jetta/ Needs for my Scirocco turbodiesel swap

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 4 21:53:42 EDT 2004

I am rapidly approaching the 120000 mile service - timing belt, other 
belts, water pump (maybe).  Anyway I have begun to do a few things like 
I finally removed the intercooler and cleaned it.  Pretty messy but not 
apparent standing oil.  Today I removed the intake manifold to clean it 
for the second time.  When I bought the car, it had 63000 miles on it 
with unknown oil use to that point so I pulled the manifold and found 
it almost totally clogged.  The intake runners were closed down to 
about 1/4 of their original opening size.  I immediately switched to 
Mobil Delvac 1 and started using biodiesel in varying amounts.  Anyway 
today I was pleasantly surprised to find only a thin coating of soot 
and oil in the manifold.  The heaviest build up was found right at the 
EGR valve.  Interestingly, the biggest build up was on the outside of 
the valve where the pipe from the exhaust cooler connects to the 
manifold.  It had a full 1/2" of hardened soot in it.  Whole job took 
about 2 hours and I immediately took the car out for a run to my 
property out in the country (100 mile round trip).  Car ran smooth and 
nice.  When I finally reach 120000 then I will do the belts and reset 
the timing.  The last time I checked with the VAGCOM, I was running a 
bit retarded.  Good for NOx with biodiesel but it hurts performance a 

As I begin work on the turbo engine that I am putting in the Scirocco I 
realize that I need a couple of things:  a cold start cable and knob 
and a mount for a alternator only set up.  There will be no AC on this 
car for the time being.  I have a complete set up for power steering: 
pulleys, brackets and even a pump (don't know if it is any good).  If 
anybody has either of these things feel free to drop me and email.  
thanks, hayden

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