[Vwdiesel] Direction of coolant flow in radiator

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 5 18:49:10 EDT 2004

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--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

> > as much as i respect your opinion, and i think
> that
> > you have much more experience in these things than
> i
> > do, but this time i think you're wrong.
>   It indeed does look that way.  Not my opinion
> though.  That's what I 
> was told by our service manager when I worked at the
> dealer.  He was 
> actually pretty good, it sort of made sense since
> the T-stat was down 
> there in reverse position and so on.  I just never
> thought it through, 
> found a flow diagram or tested his claim.

looks like the service manager knew what he was
talking about. at least as far as vw and the vanagon
are concerned. for whatever reason my diesel rabbits,
jetta, and audi 4000 are all pulling water from the
bottom of the radiator. i don't know why they would do
it one way for some and the other for others. i'd sure
like to be able to quiz the engineers!

> > 
> > if it were to pull from the top of the radiator
> then
> > as soon as the coolant level were a little bit low
> > then it would be sucking air. yes, it is a closed
> > system, but if it were taking from the top of the
> > radiator then the radiator would ALWAYS be full,
> until
> > the time when the engine were completely empty of
> > coolant. and the head of the engine would be the
> > thing to be lacking in coolant. not a good recipe
> for
> > an aluminium head.
> > 
>   Makes perfect sense.  If the reverse were true
> it'd help explain why 
> we see so many blown head gaskets though!  ;-)

yes, that's for sure!! with all your experience with
this stuff do you know anyone who would actually be
able to find out why the vanagon is reversed? i'm not
interested in someone who just looks it up in the book
and says that's why. i mean some real whiz who could
give a reason with good theory to back them up. (i
realize that i might be asking the impossible. and i
have a pretty firm belief that there isn't anything
out there with the ability to convince me that that
way is right. but i want to at least listen if someone
has a good argument.)

>   I found a flow diagram in my '85 (only) Bentley. 
> Great book, it's bigger 
> than the '85 through '89 one I have!

that's interesting - i only have a few that cover
ranges of years, and i couldn't find a decent flow
diagram in any of them. thanks.


>   From the reservoir coolant goes to the heater core
> return and trans 
> cooler (if you have one).  Trans cooler then goes to
> heater inlet which 
> comes from the #4 end of the head.  Heater return
> goes to the pump 
> inlet and picks up oil cooler/heater return (if). 
> Pump goes into the block, 
> out the side of the head and back down to the pump
> and into the top of 
> the radiator.  Out the bottom of the radiator into
> the pump as well.  It 
> doesn't show how the stat fits in as it has a dual
> "flap" that closes one 
> passage as another opens.
>      Loren
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