[Vwdiesel] Vaccuum Pump Swap

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 5 21:28:55 EDT 2004

ignore me!!
gary knows better..  :o)
i just know on older ones..some oil pumps are
and don't match up with some newer vac pumps..
but it may be just the 'slot' thing..  :o)

~~~who spent the day re wiring all the p/o's  old
wiring to aftermarket gauges..
      i think he may have been insane!!..
     however..now that ive re-wired them all..im
sure if some one looks at what *i *did..
      they will think me insane too!!  :oD

Pump Swap

the diaphragm pump and the rotary pump,
each take different oil pumps (which drives them')
i do not know *what* the difference is..(lenght
,gear or slot?)
but it is my understanding that you cant change em
with out changing the pumps.
i could be wrong. :o)


I just attempted to help an acquaintence swap her
diaphragm vaccuum pump for
a rotary style, as the diaphragm pump is not
working.  Couldn't get the rotary
one to seat properly.  Are they a direct swap?  I
measured and the depth of
the slot in the middle of the gear is a fair
amount shallower than on the
diaphragm version.  Was it bottoming out, or was I
just not aligned properly?

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