[Vwdiesel] 120000 mile service on my Jetta/ Needs for my Sciroccoturbodiesel swap

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You mentioned carburetor cleaner for the last step.
What solvent did you use before you finished with
carb cleaner?  (Sorry if this is a F.A.Q. Didn't see
it on TDIclub...)



James Hansen wrote:
> Had the same experience here Hayden, I was shocked just how much crud the
> intake in the 97 Passat had.  What was even more amazing, it was running
> just fine and getting normal mileage more or less.  Same deal, tiny little
> holes left for the air to flow through.   I took 2 cupfuls of crap out
> before solvent cleaning.
> One question Hayden, since the manifold was relatively clean this time, is
> the egr operating normally or just within normal parameters at a low duty
> cycle?
> Paul, I just used scrapers, bits of stiff wire, screwdrivers, lots of light
> and small mirrors.  I would be VERY hestitant to bead blast, as you can't
> see the entire inside of the manifold, which means you can't directly blast
> it all either, and if you leave a hidden island of sticky goo, it can hold a
> tremendous amount of engine killing silica.  Stiff wire, like you find on 5
> gallon pail handles is pretty good, you can bend it to shape and it holds
> well enough to be a scraper to get around to the blind spots.  After the
> majority of goo is scraped out, let it soak in solvent, then repeat the
> scraping bit, then soak, repeat as necessary....  small crankshaft oil
> gallery cleaning wire brushes held with needle nose vice grips work well
> too. used carb cleaner for the final cleaning. Oh, and some good nitrile
> gloves. Save your liver for other stuff that is more fun.
> -James
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> I am rapidly approaching the 120000 mile service - timing belt, other
> belts, water pump (maybe).  Anyway I have begun to do a few things like

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