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I remembered someone posting quite a while ago that
aftermarket pads had a composition that lasted longer
than VW's stuff.  I assumed it was our resident expert  ;-)

And yeah, those (off-center!) Chinese rotors would
be pretty cheap, compared to a shop's hourly rate.

Don't laugh -- a friend got rotors at a parts store.
They were marked "Made in China".  They *wobbled* and
were off center....  He took 'em back, and paid $5 more
for a different set of (Chinese) rotors. Problem solved.



P.S.  A friend told me he paid *US$900* for a new Mercedes
alternator.  It was one of the newer ones.  I'm not sure
which one.  That's the highest number in my record book...


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
>>The next time will definitely be third party time.
>>Loren said something about aftermarket brakes, and
>>how they greatly outlive the stock ones.
>   I, uh, who, where, when...huh?  Don't remember that one.  Only thing 
> close to that I can think of is that using less than heavy metalic brake 
> linings will make the drums or rotors last longer at the expense of 
> the shoes/pads.  Just don't want to go to the extreme where brake 
> performance suffers to a safety issue.
>>I never figured out why the dealer said the rotors
>>"can't be turned"....
>   Usually the new thickness isn't enough more than the replace 
> minimum thickness so that they're worn down close enough that 
> they're either already too thin or will be close enough that you 
> might sue in a couple hundred miles.  It's mostly about CYA and 
> liability.  They can be turned but turning costs enough now that 
> with the risk involved, I can see why many shops would choose 
> not to.
>>Oh, I also have been told that alternators for this
>>car run $700 (!) from the stealership....
>   Sounds like Porsche alternator prices!
>      Loren
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