[Vwdiesel] DIY talk for beginners --- ( yes we can do a LOT )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Sep 9 11:33:24 EDT 2004

How does one become a happy DIY ? ----  one way is to have a diesel
"Expert" totally screw up on your diesel.----- (my start).

Another way is to get infected with the spirit from a site like this -- to learn that
getting her going is only one part of it and saving money is not the most important
part either.

It is a complex mixture of emotions and feelings of pride and accomplishment.

In my case ? --yes I am a FANATIC  DIY  ---and it all started with a Crystal Set in
or about 1940.   If your wife is a fanatic shopper --you all know what I mean.
Spending 2 dollars worth of gas to save a dollar on sugar.
After the crystal set there was NO looking back  Radio Ham , Chemistry set , Photography 
need I go on ?   (EAA too).

And NOW ?  ---DIY computer work. I never gave it a thought that I would get
computer help from a diesel gang.      But that is exactly what happened. (thank you).
Compaq Presario  Pentium III    511 MB ram  windows ME  Outlook express 6.
and a phone line connection.---  A Volks hookup you might say ?  Right.

IMHO   there is a reason that Volks with so many smarts wind up with VW diesels.
Take one completely apart --- and tell me you are not impressed ? --- they still
blow my mind.------but keep in mind that they are light duty  HIGH speed diesels.
They like lots of revs the best. (1977 to 1986).

So if you are debating  DIY or not ?  jump in , the water is fine.

Hagar.    (the grateful).

PS:  shit I just found out that I am not the elder any more. (only 72).   

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