[Vwdiesel] crazy cam gear removal

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Thu Sep 9 17:16:21 EDT 2004

Haven't written in awhile about my smoking '89 NA 1.6 Jetta.  The smoking 
(fogging) got so bad I finally had to park it to wait until I had time to 
pull the engine. Labor day I pretty much pulled it out. Took me about 6 
hours or a little better, not fast but much quicker than the first time I 
did it 2 years ago. I have it out and on a engine stand anxious to get the 
head and pan off to see what is the deal. As a last resort before pulling 
the engine I even tried the Bon-Ami down the intake trick and really did 
not see any improvement. I am now hoping I have bad or poorly seated rings 
or glazed cylinders.  Right now I am beating my head trying to get the 
stupid cam gear off. The bolt came out no problem but the gear will not 
pop. I know it is a tapered shaft with a key and can't figure why it won't 
come off.  I have a 2 jaw puller that is kind of flimsy and keeps flying 
off but it is the only one I have that is slim enough to get behind the 
gear. I kroil soaked it for a couple days and have resorted to heating the 
hub of the gear and even wrapped on the end of the bolt to try to get it to 
pop. Did not want to have to do either of those tricks but I am not getting 
anywhere. Any tricks of the trade I can try?



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