[Vwdiesel] crazy cam gear removal

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 9 20:55:57 EDT 2004

it sounds like you're doing everything i've ever done.
if there's another good trick out there that someone
comes up with i'd love to hear it!!

as far as advice - i'd just say keep working on it.
don't give up - sometimes they'll stick at first but
then eventually give. but be careful about putting too
much pressure or stress on that gear! unless you don't
mind replacing it, which i guess you might end up
getting stuck with. i'd just keep penetrating oil on
it and let it sit along with putting pressure on it
with the puller and tapping it lightly as well as the
heat. i think all those things are good. just
alternate from one to the other (or multiple at once -
even better) and give it time to sit with the oil and
puller just sitting on it with pressure. maybe it will
move a hair? as long as it's not a big hurry then you
should be able to get it off eventually.

oh yeah, make sure that your puller is really pulling
straight. it can make a big difference, and sometimes
they really seem to want to pull crooked in spite of
everything! tho you having drilled it a bit should
keep at least that part pretty good.

good luck!
--- Bart Wineland <bwinelan at allegheny.edu> wrote:

> Thanks Sandy. I didn't describe my technique very
> clearly but I am doing it 
> just as you suggest. Grabbing through the gear holes
> with the arms pointing 
> into the center of the hub. I have rapped the head
> of the sprocket bolt 
> harder than I know I should, or want to and I did
> not want to have to heat 
> the gear but have done both, still with no success. 
> I center punched and 
> drilled the center of the gear bolt to keep my
> puller stud from wandering 
> off the bolt head and falling off, so I am getting
> good pressure now on the 
> gear and that bugger still won't come off.  I tore
> my old junk engine apart 
> a month or so ago just to practice and had no
> trouble getting that gear 
> off? I'll keep trying and thanks for your response.
> Bart
> At 06:58 PM 9/10/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >At 05:12 PM 09/09/04 -0400, you wrote:
> >
> >.  Right now I am beating my head trying to get the
> > >stupid cam gear off. The bolt came out no problem
> but the gear will not
> > >pop. I know it is a tapered shaft with a key and
> can't figure why it won't
> > >come off.  I have a 2 jaw puller that is kind of
> flimsy and keeps flying
> > >off but it is the only one I have that is slim
> enough to get behind the
> > >gear.
> >
> >1. It is not keyed. there is a slot, but no key, as
> it has to be
> >"adjustable" to time the cam shaft at belt
> replacement.
> >
> >2. It is unwise to use a puller that grabs the rim
> of the sprocket, as it is
> >cast iron like the pump sprocket, and can shatter
> if subjected to that kind
> >of abuse. Best to get a puller that will grab the
> insides of the holes next
> >to the hub.
> >
> >With the sprocket bolt in place (to protect the
> threads) and backed out a
> >turn or two, apply pressure with the puller, then
> tap the center bolt of the
> >puller while it is under stress. It should pop off.
> >
> >Sandy
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