[Vwdiesel] crazy cam gear removal

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Sep 10 12:05:04 EDT 2004

 Any tricks of the trade I can try?



Bart Wineland :    Relax it is a piece of cake.    ------ get hold of a good two arm
puller.  With curved arms. (for preload)

Back off bolt about 3 turns -----install puller --put some decent preload on puller.
Arms will straighten and provide pull while you do the rest.Leave the puller on
with good tension. (have a cold beer)  then take a small hammer and a propane torch.
Heat and cool heat and cool and apply smart small raps  to puller screw. About two
beers later sprocket pops right off.   And you may find NO KEY.(let us know)

And Loren if that snowmobile in a Rotax  503  I can be of help. IMHO Rotax has
the world record for a press fit. Talk about a perfect fit. Even the crank is pieces
put together with a press fit. Must be some good steel.  But it works  --- and has
for thousands of engines without failures.

Bart I think you are about to become a super DIY  VW diesel person.


PS: Trying Bon-Ami ? now that shows real determination----  I just found out that Sigrid
brought back some Bon-Ami for me from California.(I will kiss her ass).
And by the way I learned about Cam sprocket from Val Christian and Mark Shepherd.

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