[Vwdiesel] Diesel tank leak

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun Sep 12 18:39:12 EDT 2004

mikitka wrote:
> I filled my 91 Jetta TD up Friday, filled it to the top, which is probably a
> no no, anyway went away for the weekend, just got back to find a puddle
> under the car and it dripping from the tank on the fill neck side. I can't
> see anything such as the lines to the tank because it looks like they go up
> into the tank from the top. Is it leaking because I topped it off to much?
> Pulling the tank doesn't seem like a big deal but my mount bolts are so
> rusted I might not get it back on if I can even get it down. Any
> suggestions? Thanks

I've noticed mine will overflow if I overfill it and then it sits out in
hot weather before using much fuel.  Reason being the fuel is stored
underground at the filling station.  Pump that relatively cool fuel into
the tank then let it heat up and it expands.  If there is not enough
head room in the tank, it will overflow.  I usually only top mine off if
I'll be driving right away.  On my '82 pickup, it'll take almost 2.5
gallons after the pump first shuts off.  If I won't be driving it right
away, I'll stop at the first shutoff or maybe 1 gallon after that.


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