[Vwdiesel] Degausing for beginners --( a magnetic idea )

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Hmmmm.  Will have to put that to use.  I was wondering what to do with the
fuzzy parts after machining...  My lathe sits aligned so that the work is
north-south.  Screw up a little and get some harmonic tool bit chatter, the
damn part gets magnetized, and collects the fine metal grinding stuff that
inhabits the workbench.  Chips from carbide die grinders are the very
best... they are needle sharp, so small they are hard to see at times, and
invariably go in when I pick something up from the bench that has the
critters stuck to it.

Really other than that, I use all air tools in the shop (except for when I
need big holes or a big grinder), just cordless stuff when things break down
in the field. much less stress that way.

I'll have to go looking in the tesla coil parts bin to find suitable large
coils- should have a few on hand.
How fast do you move the part through the field, or do you place it there,
power it up, power it down, then remove?  I was planning on building a DIY
magnafluxing setup anyway, so this is a necessary part of it.


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Remember that nasty magnetic screwdriver ?   ---  as you progress as a DIY
magnetic tools and machinery becomes a problem.

Solution ?  simple.    ---- Look around for magnetic relay coils --- BIG

I hope James Hansen reads this ---he does a lot of machining and grinding
on lathes and what not. (me too).

A 600 volt coil (600-550-440-380) will do ---by simply hooking it up to 110
or in Eropa 220 .   Then do a bit of experimenting.

I degauss cranks --cams ---and lots of drillbits. Those DC drillmotors are
to get your bits all excited.
I write this in the spirit of passing on NIFTY tools and ideas.

ALL my coils came out of dumpsters --absolutely free. Even my "Oersted
she is so big that I have problems moving her.

Sandy Cameron knows exactly the dumpster ---he planted a spy here in
town---in sight
of the dumpster.


PS: Hillbilly solutions that work.--- try and argue with performance ?.
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