[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 117 -- ( not the end of Hagar just yet)

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Sep 13 12:22:42 EDT 2004

My PC got hijacked by a bunch of scumbags  ---  to me it looked like the end.

You all know who you are -that helped me  Thank You.

I just talked to Sigrid ---and blow my socks off ---I get BON-AMI delivered right to the door
from California.    I am a lucky swine at times. ---She smuggled Zinc Chromate for me  years ago.
OK OK so I got her NEW dryer going yesterday.(Whirlpool).
So you guys who offered to mail me Bon-Ami  --thank you  NO need now.  Gavrik Peterson
are you listening ?  
The Bon-Ami thing ?  yes I wanted to do that on the test engine  . - I was going to do one
cylinder at the time. It has no intake or exhaust manifold on.

James Hansen mentioned " Magnafluxing"  ---shit I forgot about that.   After that sometimes
a degauss is essential.   Can a DIY do magnetic inspection of cranks ,rods and wheel spindles?
absolutely  ----we can do aluminium too--- Zyglo ---or what not.  I did both. piece of cake.
 OK OK so I am getting a little gong ho ----but really ?   what can't we do ? not a hell of a lot.
Mark Shepherd always come to mind ---when CRAZY  solutions are mentioned.
But crazy ---can mean like a FOX.?.


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