[Vwdiesel] sway bars

Scott Alexander salex at dsl.cis.upenn.edu
Mon Sep 13 21:48:27 EDT 2004

The friend of mine who knows about Rabbits tells me that my life would
be better with some sway bars.  (He's comparing my car with his Dad's
'84 GTI that they bought new.)  I suspect VW knew what they were doing
and probably made some reasonable decisions, so I'd love to find a set
of GTI bars.  Alternately, if someone knows of a good aftermarket
manufacturer, that'd be interesting too.

Since these come up so rarely on ebay, any suggestions on where to find
a good set of swaybars that will fit my '82 Rabbit?

Scott Alexander <salex at dsl.cis.upenn.edu>

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