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bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu bobs at chemdec.natsci.csulb.edu
Tue Sep 14 14:22:16 EDT 2004

I'm looking for suggestions on how I can "splice" one of the refrigerant
lines in my Caddy.

The R12 was getting low but the weather was hot so I continued to run the
AC.  This resulted in the compressor seizing up while cruising at about
70mph.  Lucky it didn't throw the belt but it sure made a noise.

Anyway, I have a similar compressor from a donor (newer VW gasser), that
is about one inch longer than the original (Sanden SD-508).  The high side
hose reaches OK but the suction hose no longer clears the radiator.  I
salvaged the suction hose from the donor and figure that if I can splice
it onto the original then I can get enough length to re-route the line.

Both the original and salvaged hoses have sections that are metal tubing. 
Does anyone know what the composition of the tubing is?  Can the tubing be
soldered like regular soft copper refrigeration tube?  Or maybe use a
SwageLock type fitting?

While I'm at it I might as well switch to R134 too, right?  There are good
instructions for doing the retrofit at the Sanden website in the SD Series
Service Manual.

Bob Soukup

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