[Vwdiesel] Degausing for beginners --( a magnetic idea )

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If you're looking for some *really* powerful magnets,
look no further than an old disk drive. Disassemble
the drive. Take the head positioner magnets out -- ONE
AT A TIME. They're shaped something like brake pads (!)
Keep them well separated.

Place each magnet on a smooth table top, far apart.
*Slowly* push one of the magnets toward the other.

At some point, the magnets will begin to move slowly on
their own. Sit back and wait. The magnets will accelerate
suddenly. They'll collide hard enough to shatter.

When I tried it, I was left with shards, and chunks.
Almost impossible to separate the pieces.  Magnets from
the latest, fastest disk drives are even more powerful.

IIRC, GM published a research paper on magnet materials
in them '80's. They were designing permanent magnet starters.
Don't know they ever saw production.  Might be even more

Time for me to get back on topic.  Enjoy!


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H.Hagar wrote:
> James Hansen and all ---- like I said experiment.   Magnetize and degauss a screwdriver
> a few times  --- it works.
> Remember these coils are designed to work with an Iron core---- so current will be higher with only
> air.  ----- NO problemo   use a pushbutton switch.  And keep duty cycle low.
> If the screwdriver flies out of your hand ?  you got a class A 1 degausser .  If it keeps going and
> dang the big window next door ?  You have a magnetic Cannon.
> So your daughter say's that you spend to much time on the Rabbit --and not enough
> on the grand kids ?.      Bring out a big pile of strong magnets and a pound of iron filings.
> And some scout compasses.
> No kids I ever saw no matter what age ---could resist those magnets.   And I am one of
> them.
> By the way the magnetic powder I use for Magnafluxing is sort of brownish  and it
> glows under a black light.    I mix it in kerosene and brush it on.
> So where did I get my really strong magnets  ?  yepper  the dumpster.     And let me tell you
> guys when you get hold of a REALLY stong one ?   Hang on to your keys.
> Military Magnetrons from Radar sets are the tops.  If you got a pacemaker  --forget it.
> Talk to those kids  and may the force be with you.
> Hagar.     (the experimenter)
> PS :  I still have not seen a lonely Northpole one.
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