[Vwdiesel] Blotter testing --- (latest status here -15sept2004)

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Sep 16 11:53:40 EDT 2004

so I'm wondering if you're for sure about which cause the 

Loren and all :    You are quite right it is a complex situation.

Here is my take on it  ---  She is hillbilly tuned to near perfection . New nozzles
I used 1.5L nozzles.    2 cycle oil was added to fuel .  AD-100 was added to fuel.
LDA has not been used in the test period.Fueling screw is set so there is no way of peeling rubber.

Turbo has bettered itself just about every day --it now runs at 2 to 3 psi even in town.
She sure howls.

I adjusted the injectors to the high end of the Bentley numbers.

Just look at the milage !  --not much fuel for making soot  ---78 miles to the gallon Imp.

Lube oil from same 20L pail  15 W 40  Wal-Mart.   For the money invested She is one
hard little cutie to beat for Performance and economy.  I am sold hooked addicted---
what more to say ?.

So it may well be that ALL those things has something to do with it. Remember when
I got her she was running RICH BICH --- somebody had set her for max power.
So by the time I got her   she was gummed up carboned up so bad that the turbo hardly moved.

And I agree 100% that the most common soot maker is a bad injector.By the time
Loren told me to get new nozzles . I had discovered lots of drippers. Remember
I was a beginner and did not know that nozzles could be had seperately ---- and that
they were so easy to change.  


PS:  If you just dropped in ?  we are talking about a 1984 Rabbit turbo 1.6L  with nearly
300 000 km on clock   "Bunny Bondo"  --and aint she cute ?.  Light metallic Blue.

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