[Vwdiesel] Blotter testing for beginners - ( specific samples ) .

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Sep 16 15:09:46 EDT 2004

02  September  2004 .      257518.6  Km.

small drop from dipstick.    1.6   X  1.7    inch  . Max diameter.

Held up against a strong light  it shows  about 4 bands. From outside   band # 1.

1/16 inch clear.    Band # 2   1/2 inch. light Grey.    Band # 3  1/16 inch   darker Grey.

# 4 is a bulls eye  light Grey.

01 May 2004 . 256190.2  Km.      Like above but showing   moisture in lube. Shows
as wiggles in the bands.  (Could have been coolant)  ---by mid summer moisture was gone.
The clear band is a good indicator of how your engine is working.

You all know what to do with wiggles  ---but hows about  Kryptonite ?

If you ever see a Tobys ass  --change oil.  Only ones I ever saw was on Rabbits when I got them.

PO records of maintenance is a time distorted unreliable thingy  --so do a blotter when you buy.
It is simple is it FREE. ----and when you get the hang of it ---it works.

I have folders and folders full of tests (ring binders)   them comes from dumpsters ?
absolutely.  At least 20 years experience ---- and I am still doing it , that should
tell you that either am I stupid or it really works. (or both)
So read more in archives.


PS:  I see just now that I started using printer paper  13 August 2003.

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