[Vwdiesel] TDI intake cleaning

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A friend of mine that is a Ford nut uses lacquer thinner to clean his
carburetors. Works great and cost less than regular carb cleaner. Just lets
them soak.

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> Well, I checked at NAPA, and a gallon of carb cleaner is $49

  Ouch!  Check around.  The last one I bought was about $20 or less.  
The first place I called was high but not THAT high.  A couple calls 
later and I found a good price.
  Water vapor is actually one of the best carbon removers but it usually 
takes time for it to work.  Oven cleaner, the old, stinky, heat it up kind 
works well on carbon.  I suppose a good pressure washer might do 
some good damage to the buildup.
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