[Vwdiesel] Turbo troubleshooting

paulr reichp at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 16 22:48:27 EDT 2004

That's an interesting factoid, Loren.  The turbo
replacement didn't make sense to me either (but it
was under warranty).

It took a while for the smoking to stop....  The
car still surges and misbehaves like before, just
less smoke.


Errr, I guess it wasn't the turbo after all. The
car threw a MIL at me this morning....  <grrr>
Glad I have the Vag-com kit.


LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

 >>>>That's what I thought, Loren.  I wanted to see the part.
 >>>>Dealer wouldn't do that on a warranty repair.
 >>   From the conversation I had with the dealer Dad's Passat came from,
 >> I got the impression that "if in doubt as to what the problem is, replace
 >> the turbo.  Those new fangled variable vane turbos MUST be the
 >> problem!"
 >>   He tried to say the power fallout problem we were having was probably
 >> the turbo.  Then a tech walked by and said "That's a 97, the turbo's not
 >> a problem on them."  Then you make up whatever reason for replacing it.
 >>      Loren
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