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Sat Sep 18 23:19:11 EDT 2004

At 07:12 PM 18/09/04 -0700, you wrote:
>I called Bon Ami and spoke with a lab tech about this. She said that
>they got a couple of complaints of it scratching glass and wanted to
>cover their butts. But, she personally has tested it on glass and
>mirrors with out any scratching and uses it herself on glass (as do
>the others in the lab). She was guessing that in the cases where
>people thought it scratched, that it cleaned the windshield so well
>that nicks and scratches were then more visible or that they used an
>abrasive pad (like the ones to clean pots and pans). Those abrasive
>pads can easily scratch your gl ass.

Darn right. I was scrubbing a particularly stubborn patch of bug guts on the
windshield last year, smart ass says, use the "scotch brite" scrubber, now
have a permanent fuzzy spot on the windshield.  (wonder if it might polish
out with Bon-Ami?)

I guess there's abrasive imbedded in the plastic.

I use this stuff to brighten the ends of solid copper coaxial line for
transmitter sites (imagine coax made of 3" solid copper, like drain pipe,
with an internal 1" pipe suspended by teflon discs, good for 50 kW of rf
power) High conductivity at the joints is important.

>And also:
>The product that is most often sold in grocery stores comes in a round
>can and is called "Bon Ami Kitchen and Bath Cleanser." It has a very
>low abrasive content. It is not, IMHO, what you should be using on
>your windshields. There is another Bon Ami, made by the same company
>(Faultless Starch /Bon Ami Company, right here in Kansas City, MO). It
>is "The Original Bon Ami Cleaning Powder" and it comes in a
>rectangular box. This is the stuff that goes on the windshield, if
>you're so inclined.
>The Bon Ami Kitchen and Bath Cleanser, according to the label,
>contains feldspar, calcites/calcium carbonate. The package lists the
>types of surfaces it recommends the product be used on. Window glass
>is not on the list.
>The Original Bon Ami Cleaning Powder contains only feldspar and soap.
>This product's package specifically lists instructions for using it on
>glass and mirrors. This quote is from their catalog, "NASA even used
>Cleaning Powder to clean the windows on Skylab." (Okay, so we all know
>what eventually happened to Skylab, but I don't think it had anything
>to do with dirty windows.)
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