[Vwdiesel] Valve talk for beginners ---- (to lap or not to lap ?)

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Sep 21 12:48:30 EDT 2004

I am not a mechanic -- (auto)  or ever was.  so this is IMHO stuff.

I read every word on this in the threads. Here is my experience :

Loren is right grinding is best --- but I have had really good experience with
the old stick and a suction cup. So for a second choice use fine compound
and do not over do it.

If you look in your Bentley you will see that the seat and the valves are ground
at a different angle.   That means that the contact is a fine line.

Try to get the line somewhere near the middle of the seat.Or where specified.

Now in hand lapping that contact line becomes much wider , but not to worry it works
just fine. Hell of a lot better than NO lapping.

On the VW the valve clearance  HOT is critical . So test.


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