[Vwdiesel] Chucks sheer 'pulley shear' problem

Chuck Carnohan CCarnoha at itd.state.id.us
Wed Sep 22 18:36:13 EDT 2004

Miser,  The pulleys aren't scarce, they just cost $30 plus shipping.
The gear is VERY convex.  It would be interesting to try your suggestion

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If these pulley's are hard to find then would it not be easy
to hacksaw a groove where the 'lug' was and equal and
oppositeto the slot in the crank find a suitable key to
fit... piece of wood chisel or a slice of mechanical shim
Finished job better than original...
The Miser

I have no problem displaying/reading in thread format .I
just cant post within one.(nor can most of us by the look of
it :o)

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