[Vwdiesel] Hayden's Glow plug blow plug problem

Hayden Chasteen dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 22 20:54:34 EDT 2004

HMMM, we did just have to replace the alternator.  BUT the plugs never 
run off of alternator power unless the relay closes after the engine 
starts.  So I'm still going to have to determine if the relay is 
leaking voltage to the plugs while the engine is running.  Maybe I will 
have time to do that this weekend.  Unfortunately, I have 3 sets of 
exams that I have to grade before I can do "fun" stuff.  hayden

On Wednesday, September 22, 2004, at 04:11 PM, Mark Shepherd wrote:

> Hmm
> Quality g plugs dropping like nine pins.. if theyre not
> recycling repeatedly (do you have a light from the bus bar
> to check?) then perhaps its an overvoltage
> problem..alternator brushes causing a high output or
> something?
> With this replacement set why not take the oportunity to
> replace the bus bar with thick individual wires meeting at
> some convenient spot so the individual deaths can be
> monitored more easily...
> The Miser
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