[Vwdiesel] Roll down your windows ---- (with little force)

Gavrik Peterson gavrik at cablespeed.com
Sun Sep 26 03:13:45 EDT 2004

>So, Gavrik P., what is the secret of the perfect window regulator?

What secret?

For those that don't know, this mechanism works like rack and pinion
except the rack is flexible and runs in a slotted tube.  A clip on the
end of the rack passes through the slot and attaches to the window.
The rack is a coil spring which is tightly wrapped around a core that
looks like rope.  The tube has two bends in it that allow it to fit
into the space in the door.

Both of the Rabbits I have owned had stiff window cranks, more so on
the passenger side which gets used less often.  Because the passenger
side window became detached from its bracket, I had to open things up.
While I was in there, I got crazy and removed the window lift
mechanism (6 bolts).  Figuring that it would remove the dirt and old
grease, I cleaned it with a strong solution of simple green which I
delivered with my waterpik.  After drying it for a couple of days I
greased it.

Perhaps all that is needed is new grease.  Now the force require to
crank up the window is much less.  This should mean less wear on the

>Is Hagar really as cute as I picture him to be?

Yes yes yes.  But why just focus on his looks.  What about that Victor
Borge accent of his? 

>Did he offer you a beer?

He is not stingy with his stuff or time.

>Does he have all of his fingers?)

Because I did not think to check on this, I can't say for sure.  I
Think they are all there.

  --  Gavrik

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