[Vwdiesel] door question

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun Sep 26 14:31:50 EDT 2004

Shalyn Shourds wrote:
> As all of the old door handles on the old '85 have broke, they've been
> replaced.  I've noticed that whereas before, they all generally worked
> easily, every time I replace one, it requires application of knee to the
> handle to work the mechanism.  Anyone have a genius solution?  Or just
> an adequete one?

I've had good results in my '82 taking apart the latch mechanism,
cleaning it well, then tightening up all the joints.  Seems to get a lot
of play in the various connections, making it harder and harder to
operate (you only have a limited amount of travel at the door lever,
once its used up, the door won't open).  Light lube the parts and
re-install, taking care to line up the latch and the striker pin and I
took my '82 door from a 2-handed operation to open the door down to a
light pull with one finger. I think the handles break because as it gets
harder to operate, you tend to squeeze harder to make it work, the cheap
cast pot metal fatigues and the handle eventually breaks.  Fix the
underlying problem and you won't have to replace the broken handles.


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