[Vwdiesel] Lorens specs toooo Stringent

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Sep 27 11:47:52 EDT 2004

Now I'm all lost! 
25.4 mm to 1"
1 thou = 25.4/1000 

1mm is 1/25.4  of1000 thou...
 or  39.4 thou

0.03mm is 39.4 x 3/100
or  1.2 thou

So the Haynes is wrong for piston to cylinder gap ...

BUT is a 1 thou gap correct?...  0.5 of a thou on the radius!!! or were the conversions to imperial measure wrong from a metric engine...
Although in this case (haynes ) its the metric that I'd say is out....
Oh hell I dunno... This looks like an interesting debate that might get me to change oil from the misers 'Walmart' brand to something decent... perhaps my economy will go up from 69mpg imp to challenge Hagars 70's

With a gap that small isnt there a risk of seizure? Is this what makes lube viscosity crucial?
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    Ok, from Bentley this time:
    Piston to cylinder clearance, new  .03mm (.001")
    Wear limit .07mm (.0025")

    I think maybe you mean TEN thou. :)

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    According to Haynes:
    Cylinder to Piston gap

    New part 0.03mm (11 thou)
    Wear limit 0.07mm (27 thou)

    Perhaps Loren's engines run without rings :oD

    Ring wear (gap) 12 to20thou
    wear limit  1mm (39thou)

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