[Vwdiesel] E.J.'s Bounce

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Sep 29 19:37:10 EDT 2004

"E. J. Gilbert" wrote:
> I last reported that the oscillating steering wheel and hammering noise was gone when I replaced the driver's side drive shaft and CV joints.  Well -- the problem is back with a vengeance!  I pulled the drive shaft and exchanged it for another rebuilt unit - lifetime warranty - figuring that I had just got a bad one.  No change.  Still cannot go over 45 mph without loud hammering and steering wheel oscillation.  Today for a change, I did not shift into 5th gear, but stayed in 4th all the way to 55 mph.  No problem what so ever.  Tried it several times with the same result.  So the problem only occurs in 5th gear.  Purchased another quart of Redline GL 4.  Drained the transmission.  The fluid which was Redline GL 4 was quite dark.  I measured the drained volume and it was approximately 1.3 quarts.  I know that the 5th gear sets high in the transmission and needs exactly 1 quart to remain lubricated from comments on the list.
> What could be the problem and what are possible solutions?

I've always used 2 liters of GL-4 oil in my 020 transaxle.  Unless you
have a late model housing, you need to fill the remainder (after it runs
out the fill hole) through the top of the transaxle.  I always fill by
volume, not level.  See the comments on low gear oil levels and 5th gear


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