[Vwdiesel] Re: [Diesel-Vanagon] Uh oh- HELP ASAP - On the road problems - No Power in BC!

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Wed Sep 29 22:35:57 EDT 2004

I'm in Shawnigan Lake, about 5 hours South of you, and would be glad to help, except 
I'm heading out tomorrow for 10 days toward Banff...

Have you checked the intake for obstructions? Loosened injectors lines to verify 
suspicion of misfiring cylinders? 
Remove gas cap? (may not apply to Vanagon, but I know that the Rabbit diesel tank is 
so well sealed that a plugged vent line can result in the symptoms you describe, and 
even result in imploding the fuel tank!)
Any sign of air in the fuel line between filter & pump?
Is this pump itself tight? (along with timing belt) ie: could the pump have shifted, 
throwing out timing? If suspect, try moving pump slowly with engine running, should 
obvious which way to move to improve idle. Sounds like it could be too far retarded - 
does cold start help at all?
How much fuel have you gone through - could it be a really bad tank? Try running off 2 
stroke oil + diesel mix in a bottle fed into filter to see if it runs better.

I'm sure other will think of something else. I will forward your message to the vw-diesel 
list - Hagar in Powell River may be able to help out...

From: "gdollar2" <diesel at golddollar.com>
> I have a day to work on the van... and hopefully make some progress? 
> About 33,000 miles into the current trip...
> I was out on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and noticed that I 
> had lost power. Think 1.6NA with half the power? Every hill is a 1st 
> gear hill. 
> Can only start with accelerator partly depressed. Idle is uneven. 
> Kind of sounds as though it's firing on a couple of cylinders and not 
> on others - almost revving at idle. Holding at speed it doesn't sound 
> that different than before. Hmm... Also blowing a bit of smoke. 
> I replaced the fuel filter since I had an extra, but of course this 
> didn't do anything to help. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a bigger wrench 
> so I can verify that the fuel cutoff solenoid is opening completely. 
> Other than that, maybe a rock got into the timing belt and knocked it 
> off a notch? I know this is unlikely, but on a gravel road without an 
> engine tin, maybe? Timing belt looks fine... I turned the engine to 
> line up the marks on the pump, and the notch on the crank pulley is 
> staight up when I do... I guess tonight I'll go through the manual a 
> bit more and try to figure out any other possibilities? I have not 
> really verified TDC other than as described above. I do have an extra 
> timing belt with me, but none of the associated tools. Any ideas? 
> Other problem is that I'm in Port Hardy, BC. I'm supposed to take the 
> ferry to Vancouver on Friday, and think (hope) I have enough power to 
> get the van onboard. Kind of figures that I would have problems one 
> of the few times that I actually have places I have to be... Friends 
> are meeting me in Vancouver and then Seattle a few days later. Uh oh.
> .. 
> Suggestions? Ideas? Can I verify the timing with any accuracy 
> without the dial guage? Hmm...
> -Neil
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Shawn Wright
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