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Just want to make sure on this one. I didn't get quite 2 full qts out of
mine when I drained it. I have a 1991 Jetta 1.6 TD with the 5 sp. Don't have
the tranny numbers in front of me.  Is it safe to say that all 5sp trannies
take 2 full quarts? 

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 Drained the transmission.  The fluid which was Redline GL 4 was quite dark.
I measured the drained volume and it was approximately 1.3 quarts.  I know
that the 5th gear sets high in the transmission and needs exactly 1 quart to
remain lubricated from comments on the list.

By the way, as Roger points out, You can NOT fill an A2 transmission from
underneath, due to the tilt of the transmission and engine.

You must remove the speedometer cable (and gear ) from the top of the
transmission, after you have drained it and replaced the plug, and fill it
through the speedo hole with 2 QUARTS /LITERS of oil. This is detailed in
both the haines and bentley manuals.

Later trannies have had the fill hole plug set higher up on the case to
correct this.

Any time you are suspicious of the amount of oil remaining, drain it and
refill with 2 quarts. Safest system.


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