[Vwdiesel] EJ's bounce

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Thu Sep 30 06:39:26 EDT 2004

    There are SDP's (Shalynian Data Points) of which to be aware in
pulling speedo cables from A2 transmissions for purposes of adding
gear lube.
    There is a rubber grommet that fits under the bracket that holds
the cable into the transmission.  The grommet acts as a seal, gets
old, cracks, and works until you pull it out and it falls apart.
There is no point in trying to use silicone or other sealants as a
field expedient substitute, because they'll fail and you'll leak
Redline profusely.  The grommet is a dealer only item, and not
stocked.  Assume that you'll have to replace it and order it ahead of
    While you're there, also order the nearly microscopic c clip that
holds the speedo gear onto the cable.  It's much cheaper than a new
gear, and dropping a nearly solid plastic gear into the transmission
can make shifting an adventure until it migrates to the bottom.  It's
also a deaer only item.
    Total cost for both items was around $6 US.
    Scott Kair

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