[Vwdiesel] Filling pre '87 transmissions...Miser stylee

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 20:06:35 EDT 2004

I don't think it's that simple. There's all those
gears in there affecting how high the fluid sits in
the tranny. I think that the other way posted - just
experimenting until the right height block is found is
the right way to do it.

I'll eventually do it that way and post about my
results, but it will most likely be a month or more
before I have time to get to it. I've got too many
other projects in line first. But I like the idea of
changing the oil in my tranny. I don't know how long
it's been in there.

--- Mark Shepherd <mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:

> If there is a twist of  7mm to the tranny ...why not
> park on
> a plank of wood 14mm thick?
> Filler being mid way across between .....Ahhh
> ball-lucks I
> just remembered you all drive wimpy transverse
> engine
> vehicles...
> It makes me so angry.. I've got a good mind to start
> exporting Quantums so you can all have one and then
> understand what I'm Rabbiting on about :o)
> OK youll need to drive on a block of wood that is
> 7mm x by
> the ratio of the distance between the front and back
> wheels
> to width of the tranny ie about ...
> AHHHHH just seen a pic of the filler plug its on the
> end of
> the tranny not on its side ...
> Back to plan 1 and work out the ratio of the
> distance
> between the front wheels and the distance from the
> rhs wheel
> and the filler hole...
> Multiply the ratio of the two distances (some number
> greater
> than 1) by 7mm ...
> NOPE its the ratio of the width of the tranny oil
> reservoir
> (from plug back towards the engine) to the distance
> of rhs
> wheel to plug this gives you a number say 10. Ten
> times 7mm
> gives about 3" ...drive onto a 3" block of wood or a
> roadside kerbstone and fill her up... PHEW THATS IT
> ...IN A
> I bet I drink Carling Black Label...
> Mathematically-Challenged Miser
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