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Loren, All,

I just discovered that the flywheel off my 1984, 1.6 which has my flex
coupler welded into it will NOT fit on the flex plate on my 1.5 engine that
I just installed in the genset.  The locating pins and bolt holes do not
line up.  I suppose I could swap the flex plate over from the 1.6 crank but
the 1.6 flywheel is lighter than the 1.5 setup and I could certainly benefit
from more flywheel weight in my application. If one cylinder isn't
contributing as good a push as the other three, even though the RPM is
steady you will see the lights flicker.  A heavier flywheel is the best
answer!  So now I have to machine a seven pound steel disc that will fit
inside the clutch hole on the 1.5 flywheel which forms the flywheel end of
my coupler.  I sure hope I get this darned project finished this year!

Regarding the turbo, I don't actually need more horsepressure than I should
be able to get from the NA 1.5.  The 1.6 would have given me more margin but
if I can generate 12 kW of electricity with the 1.5,  I'll be a very happy

I have a complete truck 427 for sale right now, and a 5-ton with another
identical 427 in it also for sale.  That's the block to build.  Has 0.6"
taller decks so you can make a stroker.  I don't know where you plan to buy
high octane gasoline for your 454 engine but as for myself, I have gotten to
the point where I refuse to replace any worn out gasoline engine with
another gas engine, or buy another car containing a gas engine.  The only
reason to have a gas engine for me down the road some is if I make hydrogen
gas out of water from a wind turbine's electricity and then store it.  I can
burn hydrogen in a gasoline engine powered genset and with cogen using the
engine heat domestically I get useable efficiency.  This is one way of
solving the need for expensive batteries in a wind setup.  When the tired
gas engine in my Case 444 garden tractor goes this year or next I'm thinking
of  putting in a diesel.  That might be an application for another VW diesel
but even a 1.5 would be way overkill replacing a 16 HP single. ;)  I have a
line on a twin cylinder air cooled Deutz diesel that may make more sense.


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>   Using the flywheel off of a Dasher, Quantum, Audi 4000 would give you a
> "normal" flywheel arrangement plus lays the starter alongside the exhaust
> side of the engine.
>   Nothing wrong with considering a turbo on a setup like yours.  You just
> need a smaller turbo than they put on the cars.  Heck the cars could use
> a little smaller turbo than they put on the cars! (Quicker response.)
> get a cooler running engine, more efficiency and more available power if
> you wanted/needed it.
>   Dad and the other "stooges" have been buying some diesel equipment
> lately.  :-)  First was a Kubota 4 wheeler, then Dad bought a 6.5 or 7.5kw
> generator.  Last they bought a 22hp? powered water pump.  Dad was
> building a horizontal departure for the exhaust and we got on the subject
> of turbocharging it for better efficiency.  :-)  He agreed but commented
> we'd likely never convince his brothers of the value of it.  He then said
> that if that Kubota were mine or his alone, it'd be getting a turbo on it!
> Nice rig but with two people in it, it has a hard time making it up the
> paved road in high (automatic) gear range.  :-(  Again, Curly and Mo'd
> probably never go for it.  ;-)
>   He's kicked around the ideal of turbocharging his harvest tractor, a
> MF 135 even if he'd have to pay it out of his own pocket.  First I want
> to find out if some of the 2 series MF wet brake axles/planetary's would
> bolt on for good brakes.  Then I'd have to find the time!  They're also
> kicking around the possibility of charging the Ford since it's getting
> close to rebuild time, about 5K hours or so I think.
>   I went through the carb on the Jeep ('66 Mustang 200CI engine) so that
> it could be used since it ran like crap and you have to get to work early
> if you want to nab the Kubota!  Geez, all the missing parts!  Check ball
> and weight for the accelerator pump, fast idle cam/weight, choke pull-off
> linkage, busted air filter bolt mount, and the internal power valve piston
> just fell out of the bowl lid!  Sheesh!  Runs pretty good now even without
> a fast idle.
>   Might need some help sometime redesigning a late 70's 454 for their
> main truck one of these days too, if someone here knows the in's and
> out's of the different head/piston combinations for real compression (not
> 8.5:1 and less!)
>     Loren
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