[Vwdiesel] Over Heating problem 86 Golf NA

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That coolintg system has to be the most cockamamy design you could come up
with IMO.  Germans apparently do not believe in the KISS principle.
Everything I see about these cars indicates that the engineers are being
encouraged to make it harder to do any normally simple repair, or to make it
so special wrenches are needed or unique parts, like rad hoses with each end
a different size.  I had a challenge trying to use a regular radiator that
you fill from the top on my 1.5/1.6NA engine in my generator.  With the
thermostat closed there was no godamned way to get coolant into the engine,
or drain it.  I finally resorted to drilling a small bypass hole in the
thermostat.  Worked fine.


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> There is a flow reducer in the line from the radiator to the expansion
> It is a little rubber plug with a hole in it that is about 1/16"  If that
> hole gets plugged with a freed bit of crud or a lump of gasket sealer it
> stop the flow to the expansion tank.  It will also cause the engine to
> I had that happen once on an '86 jetta diesel, and since installed a
> metal screen fuel filter in the line back to the expansion tank.  The
> will not plug with little pieces of yuck, and if it does get nasty, it is
> to change.  It is remarkable how much crud can float around in the coolant
> system.  It's worked fine for 6 years.
> Andrew
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