[Vwdiesel] Re: Water pump throb

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 14:02:37 EST 2006

The broom handle trick is what I did to 'as near as damn it'  locate the 
throbbing grind... (I  thrust broom handle around the engine compartment 
with an air of authority and so I can get away with doing it ouside my sons 
school w/o the odd looks... or are they quick to look away as I turn ;o)...

However after posting to forum; noise has gone into 'stealth mode' !!!
I will check for wobble when I have a few minutes...

>From: LBaird119 at aol.com
>To: quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
>Subject: Re: Water pump throb
>Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 01:55:12 EST
>I probably need
> >to remove belt to spin with fingers ...
>    Hmmm, is that a British thing?  ;-)  What if someone walks in on you?!
>   With it running, take a broom handle, stick, long screwdriver and rest 
>end against the pump whilst you stick your ear to the other end or side of 
>  You should be able to tell if the grinding is coming from the pump.  You
>might be able to get some wobble out of it even with the belt on (not 
>this time of course.)  It's usually the water pump or the alternator.  
>don't ALWAYS leak when they're noisy but they do SUDDENLY start leaking 
>heavily without notice when they're noisy!
>      Loren

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