[Vwdiesel] Recommended oil

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 3 22:36:46 EDT 2006

I too am an Amsoil dealer and use all their products. They truly make
outstanding oil and have since it entered the market as an API certified
synthetic back in 1972. 

One word of caution if you try to go to long on their drain intervals, do an
oil analysis at around 10k to make sure the oil is still in grade and still
has a TBN.  Every vehicle is different and some can go the distance and some
can't. It all depends on the vehicle, geographical location and driving
style as well as vehicle maintained/condition. 

On my gas vehicles I have been able to go to 16k between oil changes. That
is the limit for my vehicles according to each oil analysis. 

Right now I'm running their 15w-40 diesel oil. This is my first run with it.
I waited until I had 15k on this rebuild on my 91 jetta TD before I went to
synthetic. I plan on pulling an oil sample at 6K. If anyone is interested I
can post the results on here.

It is recommended to have an oil analysis accomplished if you want to extend
your oil drain intervals. Please don't take it for granted that just because
the writing on the bottle states it, that it can happen.  Maybe in a perfect
environment but we all know that doesn't exist in real life.

Like I said, I feel Amsoil makes very high quality oil and it is all I use.
But like anything else make sure you do your homework. It is your vehicle
that you bought with your hard earned money. I inform everyone that is
interested in extended drains that they also need to due an oil analysis;
this protects them as well as me. Sure this adds to the cost but for some it
is still worth it. The high mileage individuals agree as opposed to crawling
under their vehicle once a month to change their oil.

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