[Vwdiesel] Synth vs Dino Oil... yet again

Gerry Wolfe GerryWolfe at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 4 01:19:34 EDT 2006

The latest poster specifically commented that he was not considering extended drain periods.

Synth oils are superior in a couple of areas:  Less coking when you shut down the engine after a heavy turbo load; Better behavior on extended drain cycles e.g. using ongoing oil analysis.

The other side:  diesels generate a lot of soot buildup in the oil.  There has never been a response to this issue in this newsgroup, from the Amsoil and synth enthusiasts.  Does oil analysis show soot buildup?  Does usage of synth oil prevent soot buildup?

Until yrs trly gets feedback on this one, I'll continue to use a quality dyno oil (Rotella 15w40) and change it frequently.  Costs 1/3 the price, so change it 3 times as often, don't have to worry about the soot issue.  I had a head gasket replacement done at 275K km on my '91 TD, and there was virtually no cylinder wear -- I do Rotella dyno changes every 3 mos.

Again, just my $0.02Cdn.

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