[Vwdiesel] Cleaning threads for head bolts

Terry Briggs vbriggs at stny.rr.com
Fri Sep 22 23:54:09 EDT 2006

They make thread chasers, but if your careful, just use a regular 
bottom tap, the taps can be had for a reasonable price, though I do 
think sears might have the thread chaser kits on the shelf, never 
looked, mines from snap on.
On Sep 22, 2006, at 1:07 PM, engle31 at comcast.net wrote:

> I'm doing a partial rebuild of the 1.6na for my caddy project. I 
> already replaced the rings and started the reassembly process. I have 
> the head cleaned up and ready for the install with the new head 
> gasket. I want to make sure that the bolt holes in the block are 
> cleaned out but I don't have a tap to chase the threads. I have 
> compressed air but was curious if I absolutely need to get the correct 
> tap to ensure the threads are clean. I thought a heard you could make 
> a tap-like tool from an old head bolt. Is this true and if so is it 
> just a matter of cutting a few grooves in the threads of the old 
> headbolt?
> Also when installing the new headbolts, are they supposed to install 
> dry(no lube)?
> Thanks in Advance
> Paul in PA
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