[Vwdiesel] "new' car suggestions

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Wed Jan 17 04:38:29 EST 2007

It appears our President lives in the UK. You mention a family member drives a Citroen which gets 90 (imp) MPG or 75 (US) MPG. Please correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is to convert an Imperial gallon to an equilivant US gallon you divide by 6 & multiply by 5. Anyhow, that is how I converted the 90 MPG to 75 MPG.
Citroen is my favorite car & I belong to several USA Citroen clubs. I own 3 Citroens: 1970 ID-19 & 1972 D-21 station wagon plus a "gray market" 1979 CX 2500 diesel Pallas. That said, I would appreciate info on your family member's Citroen. What year & model is it? How much did the modifications improve the MPG & what were they? 
As you may know, Citroen dropped the DS/ID range after the 1972 model year because of our DOT mandated 5 MPH bumpers. For 1973, Citroen only imported the SM. They dropped out of the US market beginning with the 1974 model year & discouraged the independent importation of Citroens to the USA afterwards. This became much easier in the early '80s when US legislation enabled individual manufacturers to say whether an individual model met or did not meet USA regulations so they could keep models they didn't want in the USA market, for what ever reason, out of our market.

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