[Vwdiesel] 1.6L A1 Jetta head rebuild and other misc thoughts....

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> Anyhow, the 1.5 head from a 1979 Rabbit does NOT bolt directly to the 1.6. 
> For starters, the 1.6 head bolts don't fit through the holes in the 1.5 head. 
> Also, the washers for the head bolts are too big. After going through all of 
> that, the valves have no clearance, so that is going to be first on the list 
> tomorrow, once the rest is put together. 

  Yeah, there's basically 4 heads for the engines prior to a 1.9.  
1.5 has 11mm holes and a small oil return hole in front.  1.6 early, 
('81 maybe some '82) has 11mm holes and a LARGE oil return hole.
  1.6 later 982 or 83 through 85 ish) has 12mm bolt holes AND the 
large oil return.  Then it goes to the hydraulic head.
  You probably have no clearance because when you grind the 
valve and seat you "drop" the valve further into the head.  It 
usually requires about .010 to .015 inch or more to be removed 
from the stem length or else go to really thin shims.  I always 
shorten the stems to get me back into that 3.70 - 3.75mm puck 
thickness.  Usually takes a couple times going through them or 
else I end up .005 to .010 inch too short.

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