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Speaking of rottella T, is that the synthetic, or will it say 
T-synthetic on the jug. I've only seen "rottella T" in the stores.
On May 1, 2007, at 5:24 AM, mikitka wrote:

> I can't say that they all will give the same results but more than 
> likely
> similar. Rotella T synthetic 15w-40 is a good oil as well as Mobil 
> Delvac
> and AMSOIL's 15w-40. Also AMSOIL just came out with a filter that fits 
> our
> 1.6 diesels. It is the EaO39, $13.15 from what I can tell is the price.
> Nick
>   Do you know if all (major brands)synthetic oils will give you those
> results that Cennex does in a diesel?
>   Reason being, I'm in B.C. Canada ,and we don't always have the same 
> brands
> as other countries (I don't know where you're from).
>   Thanks
>   Paul
> M
>> That could be. The way I've heard it described is that the lighter
>> vis keeps a more turbulent flow in the boundry between the rings
>> and lands. Loren, you're suggesting that it could be a more chemical
>> than physical effect. I don't know but I could be convinced either
>> way. Hence the interest in peer reviewed articles.
>> Val
> A friend's neighbor bought a van cheap because it used a LOT
> of oil, like a quart every 50 to 100 miles! He put synthetic in it.
> Had to add a few quarts then it quit using. Ran it a couple
> thousand, put good dino back in it, drove it a while and sold it
> for a heafty profit. Stuck rings due to carbon and the synthetic
> cleaned it out. Engines I've run Cennex in and torn down only
> had the slightest ambering near rings and exhaust crossovers,
> otherwise clean as if it'd been tanked! No brown connecting rods
> and yellow pistons, just cast gray and semi shiny aluminum. :-)
> I figure both tend to clean out more carbon than they contribute
> while burning (low ash or with syn, doesn't burn at that temp) thus
> cleaning up the mess. :-)
> Loren
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