[Vwdiesel] '81 diesel Dasher wagon ouestions

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Mon May 7 04:20:13 EDT 2007

I have several questions about my 1981 Dasher diesel, American spec, which was assembled on 10/80 according to the DOT/EPA compliance sticker on the left front door jam. I want to replace the RF & LF wheel bearings & probably both inter & outer CV joints too. I have what was described by some mechanics as front wheel bearing noise. I can't find the normal indications of CV joint wear, no slop during hard right & left turns. However, the prior owner said the left CV joint was bad. I also found the left outer boot damaged so it has to be replaced & because of this damage & prior owner's statements I suspect the left inner & outer CV joints & half shaft should be replaced. I have the Bentley Dasher service manual, 1974 thru 1981 including diesel & the 3rd edition, VW Repair manual for the type 32 & 33 Dasher which covers 1974 thru 1979 Dashers sold in the USA & Canada, & published 7/78, part W 42-008-121-1. Although I have not studied the manuals completely, it appears the manuals assume I have some professional knowledge I don't have. I looked at the car again today as well as the manuals & have some questions.

1) Is my Dasher a type 32, 33, or some other type?
2) Does the VW service manual, 3rd edition, 74-79, cover procedures for the bearing, half shaft, & C/V joint R&R for my '81?
3) Does the wheel bearing housing have to be removed to remove the CV joints & half shaft?
4) Does the 6 bolts requiring some type or star socket holding the inter CV joint to the transaxle have to be loosened & removed. If so, is there a special wrench & socket I have to buy? If so, what size socket? What tool do I need to tighten the boot strap? Do I have to remove the inter CV rubber boot to get at the star bolts?
5) Is there a way of removing the wheel bearing from the car without removing the bearing housing? Or is it easier to remove the bearing housing from the car? I do have a bearing press from Harbor Freight I can use.

I probably have more questions but this will get me started.

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