[Vwdiesel] '81 diesel Dasher questions

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The triple square is basically a 12pointed Torx bit (same as the 12mm head 
bolt bit [although a 6 point Torx bit will fit the head bolt.])

The 'in situ' reference is basically a method of 'doing it' with the front 
strut still in the car. The tool looks something like a big bolt and 
washers. There is also a sprocket puller type tool to be used as well. Rapid 
parts used to sell them but I can't find a reference. Try this site for a 


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>Subject: [Vwdiesel] '81 diesel Dasher questions
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>Re pulling a bearing,Val Christian said in response to my question "Is 
>there a way of removing the the wheel bearing from the carwithout removing 
>the bearing housing?" said "Yes,if you have one of those threaded 'in situ' 
>bearing pullers. Is "in situ" the actual name, an abreviation, or a 
>misprint? I don't have such a bearing puller but would like to buy one. I 
>want to know what to ask & where to buy one. Also, any idea as to the cost? 
>Are there any other special tools I should consider buying besides the "8 
>mm triple square"?
>Again, thanks for the quick response to my questions. That is what makes 
>this site so great!
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