[Vwdiesel] Replacement Valve Shims Size

Bryan K. Walton bryankwalton at machlink.com
Mon May 7 20:35:41 EDT 2007

Last Saturday, I measured the valve clearances on my Rabbit.  I've
never done this before, so learning as I go.  Here were my clearances:

Cylinder	Intake		Exhaust
# 1		.13		.33
# 2		.10		.35
# 3		.15		.33
# 4		.20		.35

So, I've got 4 within spec, and 4 out of spec.  Time to order some
replacement shims.  Here is the idiot question: How do I know what
size replacement shim to order?  Am I correct in thinking that the
only way to know what size to order is to first know what size is
currently installed and to then compute the new size taking into
account the exisiting shim's size and the present clearance?


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