[Vwdiesel] Dasher diesel wagon questions

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Wed May 9 03:10:55 EDT 2007

Thanks to your advice, I was able to buy an 8mm 12 point socket which extends about 4" before the scotet begins so I had clearance on the inter boot. Had to use a breaker bar to get the 6 bolts loose but was able to do so today & I got the left half shaft out sucessfuly. Then came the front wheel hub which I was able to tao out, no thanks to the VW or Bentley manual which did not describe how to remove it. I couldn't feel any slop in either the inner or outer CV joint but will have to remove the outer CV joint as the previous one was cut my me in order to replace a torn one, & glued together with super glue.. It worked OK  but I don't like its looks & want to do the job right. Now comes the fun of trying to get the circle retainer clips out so I can press the left front bearing out. Any good suggestions here? Bought some new inner circle clip pliers as the the Taiwin junk pliers broke. Not able to get a good grip on the inner circle clips to get them out yet. Will try Firday or Sat. as I have a conference to attend on  Wed. & Thurs. I can tell from the feel of the wheel bearing that it is BAD! I previously ordered new bearings & boots so should be OK. I hope I will be able to remove the bad bearing from the bearing carrier without removing it from the car & then needing an alignment. One bearing race is stuck to the wheel hub. should I try & use a puller to get the race off or is a die grinder ok to cut it?

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