[Vwdiesel] Dasher diesel wagon questions

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The hub can be removed on the car with a bearing puller, available from a 
couple of suppliers. It's somewhat expensive, however.
Val covered the rest of your questions.

Tony Hoffman

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> Thanks to your advice, I was able to buy an 8mm 12 point socket which 
> extends about 4" before the scotet begins so I had clearance on the inter 
> boot. Had to use a breaker bar to get the 6 bolts loose but was able to do 
> so today & I got the left half shaft out sucessfuly. Then came the front 
> wheel hub which I was able to tao out, no thanks to the VW or Bentley 
> manual which did not describe how to remove it. I couldn't feel any slop 
> in either the inner or outer CV joint but will have to remove the outer CV 
> joint as the previous one was cut my me in order to replace a torn one, & 
> glued together with super glue.. It worked OK  but I don't like its looks 
> & want to do the job right. Now comes the fun of trying to get the circle 
> retainer clips out so I can press the left front bearing out. Any good 
> suggestions here? Bought some new inner circle clip pliers as the the 
> Taiwin junk pliers broke. Not able to get a good grip on the inner circle 
> clips to get them out yet. Will try Firday
> or Sat. as I have a conference to attend on  Wed. & Thurs. I can tell from 
> the feel of the wheel bearing that it is BAD! I previously ordered new 
> bearings & boots so should be OK. I hope I will be able to remove the bad 
> bearing from the bearing carrier without removing it from the car & then 
> needing an alignment. One bearing race is stuck to the wheel hub. should I 
> try & use a puller to get the race off or is a die grinder ok to cut it?
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