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> the VW or Bentley manual which did not describe how to remove it. 

  One thing a lot of people don't realize is that the Bentley isn't a 
Haynes manual. It's not made as a DIY manual, it's a reprint of the 
factory repair manual, which is meant for career mechanics.  Thus 
a lot of basics that beginners to even pro status, non-vw 
mechanics are not aware of.  It doesn't seem to be a "complete" 
reprint either as I've noticed some things that are in the factory 
manual that aren't in the Bentley.
  No need to pull the axle shafts out to do the CV boots.  Just 
pop the ball joint from the steering knuckle, pull the CV nut (first) 
swing out the knuckle then remove the CV.  Being an '81 there's 
good odds that a few blows with a hammer (non-steel preferred) 
will pop the CV joint off the axle and you can clean, repack and 
replace.  Earlier ones do have a snap ring in one of the 5(?) 
ball recesses where they meet the shaft.  One is cut out for 
access, the others aren't.  Those are a little more challenging,
hold the snap ring open WHILE tapping the joint off!
  I almost never have my snap ring pliers handy when doing a 
front wheel bearing and end up doing it with a pair of screwdrivers.
As said, finesse is more the trick.  Break it loose first too or you'll 
fight it forever.

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