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> My 79 CVs have the internal ring on the spline, and my 91 CVs do as well.
> Are you saying, Loren, that some of the CVs don't have that internal
> ring, that needs to be expanded off the spline?

  Yes, about '81 they put a "wire" snap ring on the axle instead 
of the one in the joint.  The wire one is simply about 320 degrees 
of a ring with no end "treatment" to it.  There's a groove in the 
joint it snaps into and on/off is simply a rap or two with a hammer
then slide a bit if it doesn't pop clear off with the raps.  
  The older snap ring is about 320 to 340 of a circle and then 
instead of a ring or an inverted taper on the end, it makes a 
90 bend outward a few mm.  It's basically a "square" piece of 
metal opposed to the round the wire one is made from.  The 
ones Bryan is dealing with is that inverted/angled taper and 
they're more of a rectangular stock.  Both tend to be screwdriver 
applications rather than snap ring pliers.
  I hardly see the joint snap ring type anymore.  I think my '80 
Rabbit has them but I haven't seen any since I left the dealer 
otherwise.  My 85 and Dad's 81 both have the "whack it' type.

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