[Vwdiesel] 91 ecodiesel idler pulley fell off!

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Wed May 9 21:05:28 EDT 2007

*Will Taygan* wrote: 

>So, I've had this car a week, the previous owner had all the belts done
>a week before he sold it, now it's 2000 miles away from that shop and
>the idler pulley fell off! (the one up front by the alternator)

Just a couple things I found on my '85 Jetta (non-power steering w/AC)that were 
screwing things up when I first tried to fix a flaky alternator situation:
	1) It has a slightly offset 2 piece pulley, both halves of which had an 
egg-shaped hole in the center, such that it was impossible to get them running 
true on the shaft - I didn't know this was a problem till I acquired another set 
of pulley halves which were identical except that they have circular holes with 
a cut out  for the moon-key and fit the shaft quite closely.
	2)  The bearing that's in the idler pulley was not quite centered, so if
you put the pulley on the wrong way it's position was shifted out of alignment.
	3)  When adjusting the belt tension, you need to snug down the nut that 
holds the pulley on just a bit get the pulley's rotational axis in alignment with the 
alternator's, but not so tight that it won't slide along in the slot.  If you leave it 
too loose, after you get the tension adjusted like you want it, when you go and tighten 
up the pulley nut the belt will end up too tight.

Good luck,

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